Business Valuation

Are you looking for a business consultant for a business valuation? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In a business valuation, uncertainty can be compressed or uncovered. I simulate the company and its environment on thousands of possible paths in order to unvail uncertainty and present opportunities and risks as transparently as possible. 

I would be happy to provide you with a business valuation as a report. I will prepare this as a independent valuer according to the desired standards and methods.

With 14 languages, I can assist you as a management consultant in an international context. If you want to find out more about me, consider reading the section “About me”.


Global Management Consultancy esp. for Business Valuation from Rhine-Ruhr (Wuppertal, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Dortmund)

Business Valuation

Do you need a business valuation? The business valuation can be conducted using the functional business valuation, the capitalised earnings method or the DCF method. A business valuation can compress or reveal uncertainty. I simulate the company and its environment on thousands of paths in order to unvail uncertainty and present opportunities and risks as transparent as possible.

Real Estate Valuation

Are you looking for a real estate valuation or a market value appraisal? A market value appraisal can be prepared as a full appraisal or a brief appraisal. The valuation is carried out in accordance with the legal standards of the ImmoWertV using the comparison value method, the capitalised earnings value method and the asset value method. Other valuation methods such as the original capitalised earnings method and that according to IDW S1, the DCF method or the functional valuation theory can also be used.

M&A Consulting

Are you looking for an M&A consultant for a business valuation for the acquisition, sale, merger or demerger of a company? I would be happy to work with you to value the desired company. M&A consulting includes in particular an environmental and company analysis and projection including strategy consulting, a business valuation and negotiations. Depending on the case, further advice for the period after the transaction (post-merger) may also be useful.

Company Acquisition

Are you looking for consulting for a company acquisition? Here you will find further information on this M&A transaction. The advice includes in particular a strategic analysis and strategy formulation, a business valuation and support in the negotiations. I am also at your disposal for the period after the company acquisition.

Company Sale

Would you like consulting for the sale of your company or for company succession? Here you will find relevant information for the M&A transaction. The consulting includes help with developing a strategy that is tailored to the sale, a business valuation, finding an optimal payment structure and support during the negotiations.

Company Merger

Are you planning a company merger and looking for consulting for this process? You've come to the right place. Together we will conduct a business valuation and calculate your (minimum) marginal share in the company to be merged, taking into account the new corporate strategy and the expected synergy effects. This is preceded by a strategic analysis and I will also be at your side during the negotiations.

Company Demerger

Are you considering a company demerger (split-up, spin-off, carve-out) and looking for a consultant for this transaction? Here you will receive a competent business valuation. I will be happy to calculate your minimum marginal quota and any additional equalisation amounts and help you as a consultant in this complex process. As part of the demerger, a viable strategy must be found for the demerged companies. I can also help you during and after the negotiations.