About me

About me. I am a management consultant specialising in business valuation and live in Wuppertal. At the FernUniversität in Hagen, I completed my Master’s degree in economics, specialising in finance. During my studies, I specialised in (functional) business valuation. After finishing university, I spend plenty of time on the subject of simulative business valuation. For this, I wrote my own software (package) using the programming language Julia, which is highly appreciated in the field of Data Science. Furthermore, I have long term experience on shareholder level in a medium-sized company. Speaking 14 languages I can partner with you as consultant, especially in an international context.

The languages I speak:1

  • N/C2: German, English
  • C1: Spanish, French, Italian
  • B2: Dutch (-), Portuguese, Arabic (+), Hindi, Russian
  • B1: Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Chinese


Through my studies,
I have a profound economic


Using the programming language
Julia I can conduct complex
simulations efficiently.​


With 14 languages,
I am at your side in an
international context.

1All languages are learned at a minimum level of B2. The level is about speaking and grammar. Those classified as B1 lack active speaking training. Spelling can differ because in most languages I only interact with people.